Cryptocurrency Listing Type on OpenBazaar – What Do You Think?

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Cryptocurrency listing types on OpenBazaar would allow users to buy and sell coins directly with one another. What do you think? Could it work?

Click through below to check out the short walkthrough demo of how you could post cryptocurrencies for sale. Please leave comments there or on the social media thread where you are seeing this post and tell us what you think!

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In April of 2014 at a Toronto hackathon a project called “Dark Market” was created. Amir Taaki lead a small team of developers to build a proof of concept for a decentralized marketplace. The software was completely peer to peer with no central organization controlling it. The Dark Market entry won the hackathon, but Amir and his team decided not to continue work on the project.

Brian Hoffman talked to Amir about Dark Market and learned they weren’t going to continue development. He liked the idea of a decentralized marketplace, but didn’t like the sole focus on darknet markets, so he forked the project and renamed it OpenBazaar.

In April 2016 the first full release of the software was published, and tens of thousands of people around the world downloaded OpenBazaar and began buying and selling with each other directly, using Bitcoin.

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