Enormous Rogue Planetary-Mass Object With Mysterious Glow Discovered Beyond Solar System

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Last February, astrophysicists used microlensing to discover for the first time planets outside our Milky Way. Now, astronomers using the National Science Foundation’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) have made the first-ever radio-telescope detection of a planet beyond our Solar System.

Massive planet? Brown Dwarf? @caltechipac astronomers, using the #NSFfunded Very Large Array, find surprising radio emission from “failed star” with a magnetic field 200 times more powerful than Jupiter’s. https://t.co/73qo9Kns7M pic.twitter.com/uOo0SkwifB

— NRAO (@TheNRAO) 3 August 2018

VLA is the same tool used last year to measure a distant galaxy’s magnetic field. Now the array has revealed a planetary-mass object more than a dozen times bigger than Jupiter with a mysterious auroral glow.

At the boundary between a planet


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