OKEx founder in talks with authorities over fraud allegations

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Xu Mingxing, founder of OKEx, is under heavy scrutiny from Chinese authorities. He is reportedly in talks with police over accusations of fraud, which relate to an alleged involvement with a little-known cryptocurrency.

Local media reports that Shanghai police have accepted the case today, and as such, a criminal investigation has begun. It is understood that Xu (also known as Star Xu) is co-operating with the authorities – he is currently not under arrest.

Sina News: Star Xu, founder of OKCoin/OKEX, is being investigated by Shanghai police. According to Lu Jun, officer at the local PD, Xu was suspected of fraud accused by investors. SH police has accepted the case.

Source (in CN): https://t.co/Y6fIt8Sz49https://t.co/ItVfMZ8ZoD pic.twitter.com/Gquv9n7iKs

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