Kraken Cryptor Ransomware Masquerading as SuperAntiSpyware Security Program

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The Kraken Cryptor Ransomware is a newer ransomware that was released in August 2018. A new version, called Kraken Cryptor 1.5, was recently released that is masquerading as the legitimate SuperAntiSpyware anti-malware program in order to trick users into installing it. 

Kraken Cryptor Ransomware 1.5 masquerading as SuperAntiSpyware

MalwareHunterTeam, who has been tracking Kraken Cryptor since it has been released, discovered the new variant this morning. When looking at its entry on VirusTotal, he noticed that VirusTotal was reporting that the Kraken Cryptor installer had been distributed directly from 

Download urls reported by VirusTotal

The file name for the legitimate SuperAntiSpyware Free installer is called SUPERAntiSpyware.exe. The Kraken Cryptor installer spotted by VirusTotal was called SUPERAntiSpywares.exe. The only difference between the two names is


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