Lanny’s Stock Purchases – August 13th through September 9th

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I have been on quite the buying spree lately and have made 7 investment purchases within a 4 week window that I’m excited to share with everyone.  The stock purchases may be within a company that was already in my dividend portfolio or this could be an entire new position.  The one common trait that they all share is fairly simple – the stock purchases all produce growing dividends and pay on a quarterly basis!

The stock purchases

After I released my new $7,200 in forward taxable dividend income goal article, you should have a great sense why I have so many stock purchases.  I am currently two months into my six months entry period at my new employer,


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We are the Dividend Diplomats. Two guys in their Mid-20’s in a race to gain more time now before we hit 59.5 years of age for the “normal” retirement age. You can see our goals at the linked page. The Dividend Diplomat journey began in a 1997 Toyota Celica that was struggling over the 200,000 mile mark on our way to Clearfield, PA… One individual had over $1.5K in projected dividend income and the other had more money in his pocket than projected dividends in his portfolio, and let’s just say – most people don’t hold that much cash, if you catch my drift.

This is when the journey truly began, a nice 3.5 hour conversation from two CPAs in a beater of a car talking about breaking free from the chains of working as a CPA. We both were fired up, eagerly talking investing strategies and that is when the one Diplomat began his preaching on the Dividend Investing topic and how it takes the nonsense out of the ridiculous world of investing and suddenly made it very clear on the strategy to truly build a cash flowing, incoming thriving portfolio.

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