Super Typhoon Mangkhut Makes Its Way Toward the Philippines and China

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China and the Philippines are both bracing for a large typhoon that is heading its way, prompting thousands of evacuations. Typhoon Mangkhut is the strongest typhoon of 2018 and thousands have left the most vulnerable areas.

Although the storm will impact both countries, Typhoon Ompong–the name it will be given once it enters the Philipphine Area of Responsibility (PAR)–is strongest of 15 storms that have hit the country this year alone. This is no doubt because the word mangkhut is a Thai word referring to the tropical mangosteen fruit.

Typhoon “#OmpongPH” maintains its course as it moves closer to Isabela and Cagayan


TCWS#4 (Winds of 171 – 220 kph is expected in at least 12 hrs)
Cagayan, northern Isabela, Apayao, Abra
-Wave Height: (Open


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