Veeam holds its hands up, admits database leak was plain ‘complacency’

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Co-CEO: ‘We should have done a better job’

Veeam has blamed “human error” for the exposure of a marketing database containing millions of names and email addresses.

The unencrypted MongoDB resource was left open for anyone to view after a migration between different AWS systems, Peter McKay, co-CEO and president at Veeam, told The Register. The resource – which wasn’t password-protected – was left open for 13 days between 28 August and 10 September.

Security researcher Bob Diachenko discovered the resource and notified the storage and data management vendor. Once the data was hidden, the security researcher went public with his find, reporting that the 200GB database contained an eye-popping “445” million records.

Subsequent investigation by Veeam found that the


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