JAMstack podcast episode: Listen to Cloudflare's Kenton Varda speak about originless code

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JAMstack Radio is a show all about the JAMstack, a new way to build fast & secure apps or websites. In the most recent episode, the host, Brian Douglas, met with Kenton Varda, tech lead for Cloudflare Workers and author of Sandstorm.io to discuss some of the infinite uses for running code at the edge.

Listen to what Kenton had to say about serverless technology in this twenty two minute podcast here:

Here’s the transcript of the podcast as well:

Brian Douglas: Welcome to another installment of JAMstack Radio. In the room I’ve got Kenton Varda from Cloudflare.

Kenton Varda: Thanks for having me.

Brian: Thanks for coming all the way across San Francisco to chat with me in


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