New Campaign Using Old Equation Editor Vulnerability, (Wed, Oct 10th)

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Yesterday, I found a phishing sample that looked interesting:

From: [email protected][.]com To: me Subject: RE: Re: Proforma Invoice INV 075 2018-19 ’08 Reply-To: [email protected][.]com Dear Respected Sir, Please find the proforma invoice attached. Kindly check and confirm. Material will be dispatched with 5-7 working days. Regards, Armit Thakkar Head Sales Development Technovinyl Polymers India Ltd. Filix 901 -C1, 9th Floor, Opp. Asian Paints, L.B.S.Road, Bhandup (W), Mumbai – 400 078, India Mob: +91-9322266143 Ph: +91-22-61721888

There was an attached document “INV 075 2018-19.xlsx” (SHA256: abbdd98106284eb83582fa08e3452cf43e22edde9e86ffb8e9386c8e97440624) with a score of 28/60 on VT[1]. When I opened the document, it presented a nice picture asking the victim to disable the default Office security feature:

But I also received an error message


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