Samsung Galaxy A9 Unveiled with Four Rear Cameras

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Just as the leaks promised, the Samsung Galaxy A9 has launched, and it does indeed have a whopping four camera lenses lined up on its rear.

Unveiled in a livestream, the Galaxy A9 will be available in the UK from November with an RRP of £549.

It comes in three colours: a classic black (called Caviar Black), and then an attractive gradient design in Lemonade Blue and Bubblegum Pink.

In addition to those four rear lenses, the A9 has a lot to offer:

6.3 inch full HD+ AMOLED screen, 1080 × 2220 Octa-core processor (2.2GHz quad + 1.8GHz quad) 6GB RAM 128GB storage and MicroSD slot (up to 512GB) 3,800mAh battery Android 8.0 Oreo NFC/Samsung Pay

As for those cameras, there’s a 24MP


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