Two Pints of Baileys and a Packet of Brussels Sprouts Crisps, Please

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Walkers is about to launch three new types of crisp packet that will eventually end up preserved at the bottom of the Mariana Trench for millennia, and one of them will divide the country like never before. There will soon be a Brussels. Sprout. Flavour. Crisp. Packet. Containing Brussels. Sprout. Flavour. Crisps.

Yes, Brussels sprout flavour crisps are bang in the middle of the Walkers festive display triptych of new novelty flavours, set to launch in mid-October, as that seems to be when our minds surrender to it inevitably going to be Christmas again soon, and we start getting a bit emotional in the snacks aisle and are suggestible to trying new and exciting and potentially horrible-tasting things.

There will also


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