11 of The Oldest Engineering Schools In The World That Shaped The Field

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Engineering has truly changed the way we live and has been at the helm of most modern-day discoveries and developments. Now, let’s look at the places in the world where our early engineering talents were nurtured and brought up: the 10 oldest engineering colleges in the world!

Source: Urbanekivo/Wikimedia Commons

Founding Year: 1707 by Emperor Josef I

Country: The Czech Republic

Oldest faculties:

Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering

By 1717, the university taught subjects pertaining to surveying, mapping, drainage, constructing mechanisms for lifting heavy loads, etc.

Optics, perspective drawing, and geography were added to the syllabus between 1726 and 1767

The syllabus was modified to include studies that adhered to mathematics and to the exact


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