Tron Price Makes Moves Ahead of CoinSuper Listing; BTC and ETH Pairs Confirmed

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Tron (TRX) showed some strange price volatility on Thursday, ahead of the coin’s listing on Hong Kong based crypto exchange, CoinSuper.

TRX saw its overall value rise by 2% over the course of the day, with trading set to commence on CoinSuper on  November 2nd at 06:00 UTC, or 14:00 Singapore Time.

Odd Price Pump

However, the TRX data from CoinMarketCap shows a sudden jump in the value of TRX early on Thursday morning, followed by an equally sudden plunge two hours later.

As you can from the vertical lines below, TRX gained 7% on its value within the space of five minutes, sending the coin price from $0.022152 to $0.023718. Just over two hours later most of those gains


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