This gadget helps you sleep at 33,000ft by strapping your head to your seat

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It’s really bloody hard to fall asleep at 33,000 ft. A huge part of the problem is that airplane seats aren’t designed with restful snoozes in mind. There’s nothing to prevent your head from lolling towards the seat in front of you, or drifting onto the awaiting shoulder of your neighbor.

One interesting solution to this problem is NapUp Fly, which straps your head to the headrest seat, and comes with a built-in eyeshade. There’s also a more expensive model called the NapUp Fly+, which packs a set built-in speakers.

Both models come with a hard-shell carry case, which can be easily stowed away in a rucksack without getting damaged.

Unlike traditional neck pillows, the goal behind the NapUp Fly+


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