Money and Credit – October 2018

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Lending to individuals (Tables A-E) Consumer credit (Tables B and C):

The net amount of new consumer borrowing, excluding mortgages, was £0.9 billion in October (Chart 1). Within this, net credit card borrowing was slightly lower than September, at £0.4 billion, while borrowing for other loans and advances was slightly higher at £0.5 billion. Since July, the net flow of consumer credit has averaged £1.0 billion, somewhat less than an average flow of £1.5 billion since early 2016.

The annual growth rate of consumer credit slowed further in October, to 7.5%, reflecting the weaker lending flows seen in recent months. This was the lowest since May 2015, and well below the peak of 10.9% in November 2016.

Chart 1: Consumer credit


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