HackerOne Offers Free Sandboxes To Replicate Real-World Security Bugs

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HackerOne has announced that it makes available to hackers that want to test and hone their skills a set of five sandbox environments modeled after popular security bugs reported through its platform.

The sandboxes are the result of a partnership with the cybersecurity training company HackEDU (https://hackedu.io) and expand the Hacker101 online hacker training program offered for free by the vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform.

Hackboxes to test your hacking skills

The five hackboxes have been developed by HackEDU and are part of the platform’s interactive coursework.

All of them include a mockup of the vulnerable application and a proxy tool for intercepting and manipulating web requests.

One of the test environments from HackerOne and HackEDU replicate a wormable


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