CES 2019: Bose Has Made Noise-Cancelling For Cars

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Most of us technophiles are aware of how good Bose’s noise-cancelling is, so it’s exciting to hear that the company’s brought its QuietComfort tech to vehicles.

QuietComfort Road Noise Control (RNC) isn’t the first noise-reduction effort in cars, but it uses the same technique found in headphones – digitally cancelling out the sound waves – rather than the usual vehicular methods, which are usually about thickening the tyres or filling the car with sound-dampening insulation.

Here’s a very American video to explain how it all works:

Basically, there are accelerometers on the tyres and mics in the cabin. These constantly monitor the sound made by the tarmac, potholes, speed humps and so on. Then, within milliseconds, Bose’s proprietary


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