Decades-Long Mystery About Green Icebergs May Be Solved

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Icebergs are beautiful to watch with their blue and white tints. These colors make sense for glaciers as ice absorbs more red light than blue.

However, since the early 1900s explorers have reported the perplexing existence of green icebergs around Antarctica. These impressive glaciers have never been explained by science until now.

Researchers have revealed a new theory as to what may be causing the emerald green hue. The culprit, they suspect, is iron oxides in rock dust from Antarctica’s mainland.

Iron is a key nutrient for phytoplankton, autotrophic components of the plankton community that form the basis of our oceans’ food web. However, the nutrient is scarce in many oceanic areas.

Now, researchers suspect that green icebergs are bringing iron from


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