This YouTuber Explains How ISPs Violate the Laws of Mathematics

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In this joke video by minutephysics we get the mathematical problems that exist with Internet Service Providers.

Minutephysics usually brings us great videos on the laws of physics, so we were rather surprised when we stumbled on this video regarding Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The video came about when the host of the YouTuber channel had a bad experience with one ISP.

Most of us would complain a little and let it go. But minutephysics sought to make it all about physics once more.

“This joke video is about how Internet Service Providers (aka ISPs, internet companies, telecommunications companies, etc.) violate the basic axioms of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory. Like the axiom of choice (sometimes Well-ordering theorem), the Axiom of extensionality, Axiom of


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