Daily browsing through numerous websites to find quality news is time consuming and certainly, very inefficient.
@FinTechLog is gathering, categorising and presenting the information in order to increase productivity and stay up to date.

The Idea

To aggregate and filter all your daily #Crypto, #Finance, #Tech, #Infosec, information from all over the world into a single location.

The Solution

This site is a selection of most valuable RSS feeds and other resources. To incorporate RSS feeds into the website’s posts, I use WP RSS Aggregator WordPress plugin. All links are set to “nofollow”.

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This website has been created to aggregate the information and promote the most trusted publishers as well as for educational purposes.

This site as well as related social media channels is being designed to categorize, tag and display content in the best possible way in order to connect readers with the most trusted content creators in the industry and promote the most reliable intelligence from the web.

Dear publisher, my goal is to bring your website traffic to you, not to deflect it. Please work with me and help in achieving it

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*News and research are not personal recommendations to deal. All investments can fall in value so you could get back less than you invest.

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