(1.2.2019) Blockchain Land: Know Brian Behlendorf, Hyperledger’s Executive Director

More from: | Hyperledger | 0 Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of the Hyperledger Project, is listed in the New York Times top 10 most influential leaders in the blockchain industry. His contributions to the open source software are seen as a “game changer” to the web, and his role at Hyperledger has been... Read more

(12.17.18) JAXEnter: What should you use: Public or private blockchains? It depends on your use case

More from: | Hyperledger | 0 Hyperledger Fabric has caught the attention of all major cloud providers, Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger announced in his opening keynote at last week’s Hyperledger Global Forum in Basel, Switzerland. What does this say about the maturity of Hyperledger projects? Plenty! Read the full article here. Read more

(12.13.2018) Smartereum: Hyperledger Blockchain Project Welcomes 16 New Members To Its Consortium

More from: | Hyperledger | 0 In a bid to expand its consortium, Hyperledger has welcomed 16 new members. Yesterday, during the Hyperledger Global Forum in Switzerland, Hyperledger announced that it is welcoming 16 new establishments to its consortium. The names of the new members are: a subsidiary cloud computing firm of... Read more