Data Dive, Forward Backward Edition: The Cashless Tango And Amazon’s Opposite Moves

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Warren proposes reversing big tech acquisitions and labeling Google, Amazon, Facebook 'platform utilities'

More from: | ZDNET | 0 Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is proposing to unwind acquisition by the likes of Google, Amazon and Facebook and declaring companies with more than $25 billion in revenue with marketplaces and platforms that connect third parties “platform utilities.” In a Medium post, Warren outlines her... Read more

Elizabeth Warren Calls To Break Up Facebook, Google, and Amazon

More from: | Slashdot | 0 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is proposing to break up technology companies, including, Google and Facebook, calling them anti-competitive behemoths that are crowding out competition. From a report: “Twenty-five years ago, Facebook, Google, and Amazon didn’t exist. Now they are among the most... Read more