Windows Lite Is Microsoft’s Answer to Google Chrome OS

More from: | Bleeping Computer | 0 Microsoft is working on another lightweight iteration of Windows 10 and it’s internally called “Lite”. Windows Lite is a stripped down version of the operating system and it will reportedly take Microsoft’s concept of Store-restricted operating system one step further. A lightweight and... Read more

Microsoft open sources the inference engine at the heart of its Windows machine-learning platform

More from: | ZDNET | 0 Microsoft is using its annual Connect(); developers conference to make a number of AI-related announcements, including the open sourcing of one of its key pieces of its Windows Machine Learning (Windows ML) platform. Credit: Microsoft Microsoft is open sourcing the Open Neural Network Exchange... Read more

Microsoft's 'Centaurus' device is yet another potential piece of its Chromebook-compete strategy

More from: | ZDNET | 0 The codename is out of the bag. The bigger-screened successor to Microsoft’s tabled Andromeda dual-screen device is “Centaurus.” (Thanks to Windows Central for the Centaurus codename, which I’ve confirmed with my own contacts.) Centaurus is believed to be a dual-screened device not entirely dissimilar... Read more