Payment Service CoinGate Launches Bitcoin Lightning Network Pilot for 100 Merchants

More from: | CoinTelegraph | 0 Cryptocurrency payment gateway CoinGate is launching a pilot program for 100 merchants to test transactions on a Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) variant of their service, according to news shared with Cointelegraph today, July 10 According to CoinGate’s blog post, the merchants taking part in... Read more

What is the Lightning Network and how will it affect Bitcoin and Litecoin?

More from: | HackerNoon | 0 The Lightning Network has some “shocking” benefits The Lightning Network promises to provide Bitcoin with instant payments, low transaction fees and cross chain transactions. Some people believe this will have a negative effect on cryptocurrencies like Litecoin due to speed and low costs being... Read more

Study: Low Reliability for Successfully Routing Payments on Lightning Network

More from: | CoinTelegraph | 0 A study conducted by Diar has revealed that “the reliability of successfully routing a payment on the Lightning Network is still quite low.” Diar provides analysis of significant developments within the global digital currency industry. The Lightning Network (LN) is the second layer payment... Read more

'Poketoshi' Game Brings Nintendo's Pokemon Onto Bitcoin Lightning Network

More from: | CoinTelegraph | 0 Portuguese software engineer João Almeida has created ‘Poketoshi,’ a platform that allows users to play Nintendo’s popular Pokémon game on the Lightning Network (LN), The Next Web reports today, June 19. — João Almeida (@joaodealmeida94) June 19, 2018 Lightning Network is a second-layer... Read more

Lightning Network can be a real improvement to Bitcoin – once it matures

More from: | The Next Web | 0 With blockchains facing scaling issues depending on their makeup and governance, as well as their popularity, some, like Litecoin, have implemented the Lightning network as a way to address overcrowding, which leads to slow and expensive transactions. Scalability has become a byword... Read more

Crypto Payment Start-Up Set To Offer ‘Lightning Fast’ Transactions

More from: | CoinTelegraph | 0 A new project is building an ecosystem for cryptocurrency payments to eliminate bottlenecks which are stopping the world from enjoying a “second cryptoeconomic boom.” Korona argues that current Blockchain payment systems are geared towards investors – and the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum are... Read more