Quick Brew? Bitfury's Coffee Machine Accepts Bitcoin Via Lightning Network

More from: | Coindesk | 0 Blockchain firm Bitfury has come up with a novel product aimed at making it easier to pay for products with bitcoin. A specialized engineering team within the company has developed a coffee vending machine capable of connecting to the Lightning Network, a second-layer transaction... Read more

Payment Service CoinGate Launches Bitcoin Lightning Network Pilot for 100 Merchants

More from: | CoinTelegraph | 0 Cryptocurrency payment gateway CoinGate is launching a pilot program for 100 merchants to test transactions on a Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) variant of their service, according to news shared with Cointelegraph today, July 10 According to CoinGate’s blog post, the merchants taking part in... Read more

What is the Lightning Network and how will it affect Bitcoin and Litecoin?

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Study: Low Reliability for Successfully Routing Payments on Lightning Network

More from: | CoinTelegraph | 0 A study conducted by Diar has revealed that “the reliability of successfully routing a payment on the Lightning Network is still quite low.” Diar provides analysis of significant developments within the global digital currency industry. The Lightning Network (LN) is the second layer payment... Read more