Younger Americans are deleting the Facebook app, adjusting privacy in wake of Cambridge Analytica

More from: | ZDNET | 0 Nearly 75 percent of Facebook users in the US have distanced themselves from the social networking site following the controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics firm that harvested and misused data from Facebook profiles to predict how people would vote at the ballot... Read more

The FBI, FTC and SEC are joining the Justice Department’s inquiries into Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica disclosures

More from: | TechCrunch | 0 An alphabet soup of federal agencies are now poring over Facebook’s disclosures and the company’s statements about its response to the improper use of its user information by the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Trade Commission and the... Read more

Pressure mounts on EU-US Privacy Shield after Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal

More from: | TechCrunch | 0 Yet more pressure on the precariously placed EU-US Privacy Shield: The European Union parliament’s civil liberties committee has called for the data transfer arrangement to be suspended by September 1 unless the US comes into full compliance. Though the committee has no power to suspend... Read more

Facebook didn’t see Cambridge Analytica breach coming because it was focused ‘on the old threat’

More from: | TechCrunch | 0 In light of the massive data scandal involving Cambridge Analytica around the 2016 U.S. presidential election, a lot of people wondered how something like that could’ve happened. Well, Facebook didn’t see it coming, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said at the Code conference this evening.... Read more

Post Cambridge Analytica, the EU needs to end policy-makers’ preferential treatment of Facebook

More from: | The Next Web | 0 Following the Cambridge Analytica affair and the massive leak of 87 million people’s data revealed earlier this year, Facebook is facing unprecedented scrutiny of its business model and especially its use of users’ personal data. These scandals provide political momentum for new... Read more

Bannon and Cambridge Analytica planned suppression of black voters, whistleblower tells Senate

More from: | TechCrunch | 0 Appearing before the Senate Judiciary committee today as part of the ongoing investigation of Cambridge Analytica and various forms of meddling in the 2016 elections, former employee and whistleblower Christopher Wylie said that the company and its then-VP Steve Bannon were pursuing voter suppression... Read more