Suspicious GET Request: Do You Know What This Is?, (Mon, Jan 21st)

More from: | SANS Internet Storm Center | 0 Reader Vinnie noticed following suspicious GET request directed at his web server: My first idea was an attempt to abuse his web server as a proxy, or log SPAM. Vinnie executed this request (hxxp://189[.]40[.]40[.]159:7771/u9licfgnx56ryp0jfdmis6s3hez4wij), and got text back: 171886eb9748eb13fc7548e018bf5b70jA0ECQMCkTJtXpMYj4b00ukBAU2wE+cAc+fGlL16GWLH6RAVc2yShs37UlBBj2cDX3s7FLGSshr… I was... Read more