Where Hackers Hang Out

More from: | HackerNoon | 0 We are excited to be starting the public beta of the Hacker Noon Community. There’s some great ongoing discussions from our private beta — from product decisions for Hacker Noon 2.0 to favorite old-school video games (or decentralized applications) to what could replace Facebook (or Google).... Read more

Mail Fishing

More from: | Schneier on Security | 0 Mail Fishing Not email, paper mail: Thieves, often at night, use string to lower glue-covered rodent traps or bottles coated with an adhesive down the chute of a sidewalk mailbox. This bait attaches to the envelopes inside, and the fish in this... Read more

Tesla Model 3 Hacked on the Last Day of Pwn2Own

More from: | Bleeping Computer | 0 Fluoroacetate is the team which won the competition earning $375,000 out of the total of $545,000 earned by security researchers who demoed their research during this year’s Pwn2Own Vancouver 2019. During the last day, Fluoroacetate’s Amat Cama and Richard Zhu successfully targeted and successfully hacked their way into... Read more