Lean Back To Look Forward

More from: | HackerNoon | 0 Good Morning Sunshine! Wake Up. Get Dressed. Prepare the kids for School. Send the kids for school. Drive to the office. Get stuck in Traffic. Work. Drive back home. Get stuck in traffic (again). Arrive home. Spend some time with the family. Prepare the kids to sleep.... Read more

What is Silverlight?

More from: | HackerNoon | 0 credit: http://www.tested.com/tech/web/3143-rumor-silverlight-5-to-be-the-final-version-of-microsofts-plug-in/ Recently, I was learning about Silverlight for a project. Here is what I’m keeping for future reference: Silverlight 5 A Microsoft platform for developing and deploying Rich internet applications. Right now, it’s a depreceated technology. Runs as a browser plugin. Supports .NET languages... Read more