Testing CorDapps

More from: | Corda | 0 The following two tabs change content below. Joel Dudley Joel Dudley is part of Corda’s Developer Relations team. Since joining R3 in November 2016, he has been working with both members and the open-source community to increase understanding and adoption of the Corda platform.... Read more

Drivers Wanted

More from: | MIT | 0 Imagine driving down the interstate past an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer. Its driver’s hands aren’t touching the wheel. Tech companies envision—and are investing in—a future in which thousands of such vehicles would navigate our roadways (see “10 Breakthrough Technologies: Self-Driving Trucks”). Most people don’t welcome this... Read more

Playtime’s Over

More from: | MIT | 0 Early last year, a computer achieved world-class performance in the game Go—years before most people believed such a feat would be possible. That’s impressive, but our ambitions should be set higher. Computer science could help provide what the world critically needs: tools that enable... Read more