Israeli Startup Orbs Raises “7-Figure” Investment from S. Korea Internet Firm Kakao

More from: | CoinJournal | 0 Image credit: Heart of Seoul at Night in South Korea. Photo by Public Domain. Orbs, an Israeli startup developing a hybrid blockchain complementing and scaling base-layer protocols such as Ethereum, has raised a “seven-figure” US dollar investment from Kakao Investment, the venture arm of... Read more

Digital Gifting Network Swych Unveils Blockchain-Powered Shopping Platform

More from: | CoinJournal | 0 A digital gifting platform has unveiled its blockchain-powered global gifting and shopping marketplace that is designed to provide high performance and instant settlements. The company is Swych, a mobile gifting platform that enables consumers and businesses to send “swychable” gifts from their mobile device, which... Read more

IBM Study: 62% of Automotive Execs Believe Blockchain Will Be a Disruptive Force in the Auto Industry

More from: | CoinJournal | 0 Image: Automobile, Pixabay Though blockchain use is still in its infancy in the automotive industry, a handful of companies are pioneering its adoption, believing that the technology will radically transform the sector. According to a new study by IBM, 62% of automotive executives are... Read more

Islamic Financial Institution to Launch Interbank Blockchain Tools

More from: | CoinJournal | 0 An agreement has been signed between iFinTech Solutions, a Tunis-based fintech firm, and the Islamic Corporation for the Development of Private Sector (ICD), the private sector arm of Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDB), according to its press release. Under this agreement, iFinTech Solutions would... Read more

Ethereum’s Buterin Awared Honorary Doctorate from the University of Basel

More from: | CoinJournal | 0 Vitalik Buterin has received an honorary doctorate from the University of Basel due to his “outstanding achievements in the fields of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and the design of institutions.” The Faculty of Business and Economics awarded the doctorate to the 24-year-old. The announcement of Dr... Read more