Using analytics to increase satisfaction, efficiency, and revenue in customer service

More from: | McKinsey | 0 Payments providers that adopt advanced analytics to develop integrated approaches to customer service are seeing significant improvements. As payments providers around the globe cope with increasing pressure on revenues and margins, customer service is increasingly becoming an important asset for driving top- and bottom-line... Read more

How developing economies can get more out of their infrastructure budgets

More from: | McKinsey | 0 Governments in developing economies often lack the capacity to conduct thorough reviews of proposed capital projects. A streamlined approach can identify those ready for funding. In developed economies, policies and practices for balancing diverging interests in public infrastructure spending are well established. South Korea,... Read more

Emerging markets can still drive global growth

More from: | McKinsey | 0 Never mind the recent turbulence—emerging-market fundamentals remain sound. Financial markets are again having jitters about economic turbulence in some emerging markets, notably Argentina—and fretting about contagion. Such fears are understandable, given painful precedents, but they risk confusing short-term volatility with a long-term trajectory of... Read more