A Blockchain the Size of a Few Tweets

More from: | HackerNoon | 0 Cryptographic Hash — a mathematical algorithm that takes an input of any size and outputs a different, (nearly) unique fixed-length string. So if we want to hash “This is a banana paper” — we send that string of characters through the algorithm and get this output: “DEA3C406BC9982AD485BCDDC4CD1E7B7A6C1CE819786F7520157743CCD93EE5F” (For... Read more

Her First Hackathon

More from: | HackerNoon | 0 Wallifornia Hackathon Hackathons can be a transformative experience for any new developer. Why? Because they provide a tangible real-world opportunity to build something from scratch and then “ship” a minimum viable product (MVP) in less than 24 hours. On the line are cash prizes,... Read more