Citi using Swift tech to counter B2B blockchain disruptors

More from: | PaymentsSource | 0 Citigroup is using tracking and transparency to push back against rivals that paint traditional bank-powered international payments as a costly, time-consuming relic. The bank’s Citi Payment Insights offering, announced Monday, is designed to allow real-time payments visibility and the ability to handle on-demand payments... Read more

Technology necessitates change in the ISO 20022 messaging standard

More from: | PaymentsSource | 0 As technology advances for business-to-business or cross-border transactions, the accompanying messaging standard must evolve at the same rapid pace. Thus, the call for common standards continues to pick up steam and remains a top priority for The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Swift... Read more

New layers of regulation are stifling prepaid cards, and the economy

More from: | PaymentsSource | 0 Innovation thrives in a regulatory landscape that gives organizations the confidence to try something new and bold. Yet, as legislation adding new layers of regulation to the prepaid and fintech market continues to be introduced—especially at the state level—lawmakers must identify pro-growth policies that... Read more