Gas Pump Hack

More from: | Schneier on Security | 0 Gas Pump Hack This is weird: Police in Detroit are looking for two suspects who allegedly managed to hack a gas pump and steal over 600 gallons of gasoline, valued at about $1,800. The theft took place in the middle of the... Read more


More from: | Schneier on Security | 0 WPA3 Everyone is writing about the new WPA3 Wi-Fi security standard, and how it improves security over the current WPA2 standard. This summary is as good as any other: The first big new feature in WPA3 is protection against offline, password-guessing attacks.... Read more

Conservation of Threat

More from: | Schneier on Security | 0 Conservation of Threat Here’s some interesting research about how we perceive threats. Basically, as the environment becomes safer we basically manufacture new threats. From an essay about the research: To study how concepts change when they become less common, we brought volunteers... Read more