Great, you’ve moved your website or app to HTTPS. How do you test it? Here’s a tool to make local TLS certs painless

More from: | The Register | 0 Breathe easier knowing you’ve tested your software properly A Google cryptoboffin is close to releasing a tool that will hopefully make all of us more secure online. Now that most web traffic travels over HTTPS and browser features increasingly expect security, developers really... Read more

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you hackers are targeting ‘nuclear, defense, energy, financial’ biz

More from: | The Register | 0 Sharpshooter takes aim at critical infrastructure Hackers are targetting critical infrastructure providers, including nuclear power and defense agencies, in what may be a state-sponsored attack that’s hiding behind North Korean code. Discovered by McAfee and dubbed “Sharpshooter”, the operation has been running since... Read more